About Meet at The Skill Market
At The Skill Market Meet Community, business owners are empowered through knowledge sharing, peer expertise, shared experiences and powerful referrals. Through video chatting, live presentations and one on one video chatting, they discuss challenges and wins, while sharpening their focus on essential success factors.

We are building a unique community of small business owners and solo entrepreneurs, in every industry at The Skill Market. Our robust B2B Referral System group meetings take place right here on our Live Streams. 

You can lean on a community of small business owners who empower each other through the sharing of knowledge, peer expertise, business experiences.

But there is so much more happening on The Skill Market business platform, you should get on board. Check out the ever expanding services, tools and resources at our Information Deck

The Skill Market,dreamed of 8 years ago, was created by a woman small business owner for small business owners and solo entrepreneurs. Every aspect of the platform is designed to positively impact your bottom line, without a squeeze on your operating budget.

The Skill Market...where your business listing translates into a full on support system to grow your business!